Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Facebook / Myspace

This is a subject I can get into! I have had a myspace account for about 2 years. It was so much fun decorating my page and adding all the fun things that twinkle and glitter and show off your personalilty. I have had fun checking it to see what my "peeps" are commenting on about me. I like looking at everybody's mood and what is making them happy or crappy at the moment.

Recently I got an email from my sister inviting me to join Facebook. I really didn't want open an account as I was enjoying myspace, though it had just about run its course to me and I was not logging on as I once had. Still, what are you going to do- it's family right? So, I opened an account and started taking a look around. I was lost as a goose, it was so foreign and different looking from myspace. I had a terrible time figuring it out. Eventually I got going on it and friends and family quickly started adding me to their lists. I have found about thirty cousins that I had really not had any contact with for most of my adult life and have had a blast reconnecting with all of them! I am now connected not only to my cousins but to their children also, and it is just wonderful.

Now that I have been on facebook for a few months, I love it more and more. I get so excited when I log on and see all my notifications that my family and friends have posted on my comments or theirs or others. It is very easy to upload video or pictures and depending on who is logged on at the time, the comments can come fast and furious- almost like instant messaging!

Facebook has opened up a line of communication with my family that I didn't know was possible. The bonus is, I didn't know my family was so darned funny. It is an amazing treat to learn about these people and their lives and daily routines.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twitter is not my cup of tea

Well, I participated in another "thing".
I created a twitter account and have begun my journey into tweets. So far, I really don't care for it, as no one I know has a twitter account.
I have noticed that a lot of "Rap Musicians" as well as movie and tv stars really like to write tweets.
I really don't understand why you would want to write an account of what you are doing at any given moment for "followers" to see.
Trust me, I am not that interested that you are about to take a sip of morning coffee, or who you are going to interview in the next 10 minutes, or that you are arriving at the airport and on the lookout for the papparazzi.
Anyway, I can mark this off of my "thing" list-

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love technology

Hello- I have worked in a library setting for almost 13 years, and am pleased to be finding out just how far the system is willing to go to make itself remain important in all areas. When I first came to work at the library, we only had access to amber-screened (dumb) terminals which was several steps backward for me and I was totally disappointed. The director was of the mindset that you only needed access to any machine that was relevant to your position, otherwise "stay off".

I didn't know if I could work at such a place, but 13 years later I am still here. I believe I did lose several skills to the "do not use" mentality and I suggested as often as possible and to anybody that would listen that computers and technology were our friend and if it could be done manually or on a typewriter it could certainly be done better and faster on a computer! And yes, I understand- budget, budget, budget.

In the last several years we have been able to rethink and acquire the much needed people and technology the system has so desperately needed. I have to say that I am amazed at all the various changes our library has undergone, it's been quite a transformation and it just keeps coming! Suddenly I find myself lagging behind and am grateful for this opportunity to "catch up" on a few things... maybe even 23.